To say Peter Moore has been around the gaming block would be a bit of an understatement. In the games industry he was perhaps best known for his tenure at Electronic Arts. At EA, Moore headed up the company’s sports division for a while, before moving up to COO. He then left gaming for a while, and now he’s back as the SVP at Unity.

Moore took to Twitter on inauguration day to preface that while it wasn’t the biggest news of the day, he’s back in gaming. He further specified his role at Unity too, by letting us know he’s also GM of Sports & Live Entertainment at the company. Peter Moore’s links to sports go beyond EA Sports and Unity as well.


When Moore left EA, it was to pursue an even deeper connection with sports. He became the CEO of Liverpool Football Club in England, the team he’s always supported. It might seem like a bit of a leap from gaming, but you can’t argue with the results. While he might not have played the most direct role with the team, Liverpool went on to become European champions in his time there. Oh, and the team also won the top English League for the first time in 30 years.

A storied history

Even before his time at EA, Moore was a standout figure in the industry. He worked at Microsoft during what were perhaps its console glory days, during the Xbox 360 era. One standout memory during that time was when Grand Theft Auto finally made its way over to Xbox. To celebrate (and promote it), Moore revealed GTA IV for Xbox 360 via a tattoo at E3. Yeah, no kidding.

What exactly Peter Moore will get up to at Unity in a public sense remains to be seen. That being said, we hope we get some more memorable E3 moments from this legend in the future.

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