Petition to let players without 6GB of RAM install Call Duty Ghosts

6Gb of RAM to install Call Duty Ghosts

A couple of days ago gamers discovered that you required 6GB of RAM to install Call Duty Ghosts which did not go down well. A petition to let players without 6Gb of RAM install Call Duty Ghosts now been launched asking for  Activision and Infinity Ward to remove the requirement as many gamers could not see why there was this restriction  in the first place. After playing the game ourselves we are a little puzzled by this restriction.

If you have less than 6Gb of RAM and are prepared for some possible performance decrease then it should be up to the individual whether or not they want to take the chance and play it on a lower spec PC. Sure it may run like crap in places, but that’s a chance some people are obviously willing to take.

Based on testing at launch by the community, the game was only using between 1.1 – 1.8 GB of RAM so there is scope for a 4GB PC to handle the game if these tests are to be believed.

If you agree and would like to put you signature down then you can join the other 1873 gamers who have already signed the petition.

This was also a topic that we discussed in our Podcast from earlier today.

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