Petroglyph Announces Rise Of Immortals

Petroglyph has announced its entrance into the hip and happening land of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games with Rise of Immortals, a title based in the developer’s Graxia universe.
The events in RoI will take place 300 years after those in Guardians of Graxia and, as is popular these days, will be free to play. Petroglyph aims to combine the standard action-strategy features of other popular MOBA titles with “enhanced socialization features, along with persistent character progression.”
There’ll also be an in-game social hub, where players “can show off their enhanced Immortals, chat, emote, browse leaderboards, shop, manage friend and guild lists and more.”
It’s already possible to sign up for a closed beta session at the game’s official site. Rise of Immortals is due on PC this spring.
There’s also a ‘first look’ trailer, featuring fantasy characters in skimpy outfits hitting things for numerical damage. You can watch that, below.

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