Phantasy Star Online 2 & Persona Crossover Brings Customization To A New Level (1)

The worlds of Persona and Phantasy Star Online 2 are colliding, as Sega is bringing together two of its beloved franchises for a celebratory collaboration. Starting from today, players can expect to find costumes, hairstyles, paint, accessories, room items, music, and more from Persona 3, 4, 5 in a crossover with Phantasy Star Online 2. These items will be featured in the latest AC Scratch Ticket collection.

Now you can rep your favorite Persona characters in a whole new world. All you need to do is to draw an AC Scratch Ticket for the Persona Paradox. However, even that can be confusing. There are several types of Scratch Tickets depending on the currency used. Phantasy Star Online 2 players can use ARKS Cash, Star Gems, and FUN Points.

“As a fan of the Persona series, I am super excited for the release of this collaboration in Phantasy Star Online 2,” Nathan Nogueira, the North America’s branding manager, said. “ARKS operatives will be able to dress up as members of S.E.E.S., the Investigation Team, and the Phantom Thieves for the first time in North America and we can’t wait to see all the screenshots they’ll share!”

A million reasons

In addition to this crossover, there is another milestone worthy of celebration.

With over one million players across all platforms, the One Million ARKS Celebration will be happening Aug 19 to 26. For a limited time in Phantasy Star Online 2, EXP, Rare Drop, and Rare Enemy Spawn Rates will all be increased by 100%. For the lucky ones, you might even receive up to 2 million EXP through EXP tickets. 10,000 AC, 1000 SG, or 10 AC Scratch Tickets are also up for grabs for 100 random winners. Simply log in for more than five days during the event period and you are set.

Phantasy Star Online 2 & Persona Crossover Brings Customization To A New Level (2)

The latest episode has just released this week. Explore new locations and battle even tougher enemies as Sega continues to expand the world of PSO2.

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