Phasmophobia yokai update

It’s a certain spooky ghost hunter’s birthday, and they received some great quality of life gifts to help everyone with their demonic duties. Phasmophobia dropped its anniversary update, and there’s plenty of changes to help smoothen the experience for the players. These are mostly quality of life changes. But on the bright side, ghostbusting has never felt so smooth before.

The big highlight of this update is the changes to the journal, which may have felt a little clunky before. The journal is completely redesigned, which hopefully means no more swiping past seven pages to log in your information. The journal is an important hub of storing information for ghosts, equipment, evidence, and photos. So it’s good to see it being streamlined. The new update also lets you cross off evidence in the ghost evidence page, as well as the ability to change settings in the journal. Finally, the journal has been integrated with the pause menu, so there’s a little less clicking to do there.


Ghostbusting celebration

There’s some other quality of life changes that should help out certain players. For instance, certain languages got new fonts to replace those that had missing characters. Additionally, an offline single-player mode was added so you don’t have to connect to the server. Failing a contract now tells you what ghost was haunting you, and the VR mute button was changed to the pause button. Money obtained when failing a contract has also changed, as you now get the insurance of your mission rather than a flat $10.

You can check out the full patch notes for the Phasmophobia anniversary update here on their official Steam page. The developers promised some more news on the way, including something special planned for Halloween. In the meantime, enjoy the anniversary and all the spooky festivities.Phasmophobia anniversary update

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