Phasmophobia custom difficulty update is on schedule for September, with more coming this year

Phasmophobia Roadmap Custom Difficulty Update Screenshot

The custom difficulty update for Phasmophobia is indeed on its way. As announced earlier today on a Steam Community post, it’ll still release sometime this month. The custom difficulty will allow players to properly tailor their ghost hunting experience. It’s not clear what the mode will offer beyond customization, but a trailer is due sometime soon, which should explain everything.

Beyond the custom difficulty, Phasmophobia‘s roadmap looks to be an ambitious plan for the future of the game. There have already been more than a few impressive additions, such as VR implementation and tweaks to the gameplay, but Kinetic Games seems to have much more in store for the rest of this year and 2023.


Phasmophobia players aren’t just getting custom difficulty in September. There’s also Sunny Meadows, a new map that takes place in an Asylum containing around 70 rooms. This was announced back in June, with a full map detailing its layout. There are two more additions included with Sunny Meadows and a new report system, but for now, they’re being kept under wraps. Hopefully, we’ll find out what these are in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates

There’s plenty to get excited about for the next few months of Phasmophobia, from enhanced graphical features to a new progression system. Phasmophobia will also get a Horror 2.0 update, which will completely rework things like sound effects, events, and ghost models. It’s clear that the game’s new roadmap has some ambitious plans. If Kinetic Games can pull it off, Phasmophobia could become an even more impressive game than it is right now.

Phasmophobia Roadmap Custom Difficulty Update

For now, Phasmophobia fans mainly have the custom difficulty update to look forward to. It should bring a fresh amount of variety to the game as long as it gives players plenty of control. We’ll have to wait and see what it brings to the table when a trailer for the update comes out later this month.

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