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During the past few months, it has been hard to escape the latest indie streaming sensation Phasmophobia. The horror title has you and a group of friends playing a team of amateur ghost hunters as they explore spooky locations. Everyone from Markiplier to the Hololive crew has played the game and made it a seemingly overnight smash hit success.

The developer of¬†Phasmophobia is Kinetic Games, and Kinetic Games is made up of one person, that person being Dknighter. This is Dknighter’s first solo project and with no formal development training to boot. The game’s rapid success has led Kinetic Games to reconsider its plans for early access. In an interview with IGN, Dknighter says that the initial plan was for early access to be a very short window of time. Dknighter was originally going to add some more ghosts, maps, and equipment and call it a day. The game’s sudden success changed that however.

Dknighter will be taking more time to make bug fixes and add more new content than originally planned. It wasn’t stated what these changes would be exactly, or how long they would take. It does seem however that the focus will be on improving current features rather than adding new ones, which is a very good sign. These updates will more than likely be bundled together in big updates, which can be played on the beta version of the game on Steam which anyone can access.


Your friends are totally in the van

We already saw the result of some of these updates and fixes in a patch that came out last week just in time for Halloween. The update also included some Halloween specific updates added to the game for the spooky season. Anyone can check out the game’s development board on Trello, but one notable feature is no longer listed on the board. That feature was a PvP mode where one player could control a ghost, but it proved to be too ambitious for the project.

It is a smart move on Dknighter’s part to take their time and make the game the best it can be. Now if only some bigger developers could make those same decisions. If you want to join in on Phasmophobia¬†yourself, you can check out the beta version of the game right now on Steam.

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