Phasmophobia Halloween update

With October being the month of Halloween, it makes perfect sense for any game in the horror genre to stake its claim as the breakout hit of the season. This certainly looks to be the case of Phasmophobia, the ghost hunting Early Access game developed by Kinetic Games. The 4-player online co-op romp as paranormal investigators has its quirks and a fair share of issues, but the core gameplay has captured the attention of many. In order to make sure the enjoyment lasts, more Phasmophobia updates are on the way.

As shared on the game’s subreddit, the team has outlined some of the latest changes to the game. They also included a link to a public Trello board, where fans can keep up with the latest happenings for the development. From what we have seen so far, the Phasmophobia updates and those to come will include plenty to excite the players. Much is in the works for aspiring paranormal investigators, but not all of it is helpful.


Haunting developments

A key change would be the improvement of the AI for the ghosts. For now, ghosts are likely to stay within their haunting spot. This makes it easier for you to locate them via the thermometer. However, future Phasmophobia updates will change up that behavior. The ghosts will start moving into different rooms, or even make it so that they will develop a preference for haunting a spot where they last spotted a player. A thermometer nerf might also be in the pipeline.

Phasmophobia updates To Make Ghost More Terrifyingly Smart (1)

Players can now also interact with the spirits via voice chat, but in the future, they may start refusing to answer unless they are posed a direct question via the Spirit Box. This change can be tested as part of the beta branch currently. Who knew that spirits were not chatty?

As with most Early Access titles, we can expect these Phasmophobia updates to change along the way. Whatever they may be, at least we know Kinetic Games is committed to improving the experience for the players.

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