Phasmophobia Update ghosts escape

Generally, most Phasmophobia veterans know how to deal with ghosts once they’re on the prowl. The moment that flashlight begins to flicker is the announcement to go hide. If you have enough space between you and a scouring specter, you could juke it by turning a corner or two (unless it’s a Revenant, of course — where’s my sprint speed update?). Well, that might not be the case anymore. The latest updates for Phasmophobia will make it harder to evade ghosts once they begin their hunting phase. Now, ghosts will be able to follow you around said corners, and find you by the sound of your voice.

That last point may come to some Phasmophobia players as a surprise. Apparently, some within the community already assumed that the ghost will listen for players talking to suss out their hiding spot. In a response to the update announcement the developer posted on Twitter, Kinetic Games wrote that apparently a lot of people “thought it was a feature.” Well, now it is. Those of you who kept silent during hunts probably feel a bit silly now, but at least the caution will be justified from here on out.

The major update, which hit the beta branch before the weekend, is a little more worrisome. Before, ghosts will often turn heel if they lose track of players who use corners to escape. I know, since I’ve seen it happen while tossing mugs in my spiritual form. However, with the latest patch, ghosts will travel to the last location it spotted you. As written in the patch notes: “This means the Ghost will now follow you around corners.” Scary, indeed.

Nowhere is safe, so choose a good place to die

I tested the January 8 update over the weekend. The audio patch came out earlier today, so I haven’t tried it yet. Sadly, I wasn’t able to check and see if ghosts could in fact chase people around corners. The only time I died was when a ghost entered the bathroom I was hiding in and gave me a hug of death. Naturally, I figured it was a Wraith, since those can pass through doors and walls — according to the rules. I only found out later that it was a Poltergeist. It might have been a bug, but it’s hard to say.

But I will say this: please find better places to hide than bathrooms, fellow ghost hunters. That little demon took me out with ‘death by swirly,’ and now my friends won’t let me live it down.

Phasmophobia Update Ghosts Corners

It’s just… so undignified.

The latest updates for Phasmophobia and its jerk ghosts are live on its beta branch via Steam.

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