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Microsoft had huge backlash from video game players after their initial Xbox one details surfaced, with the all ways online DRM, and rumors of no used games. Microsoft even stuck with those plans for a while, but they later chanced stance, but they lost a lot of good will from the past Gen. Today Phil Spencer seems to think it might have been the wrong thing to do, “I learned a ton last summer as leader of our groups about being true to your core vision about what a product is, not being confusing, and frankly, when you’re going to say something to a consumer that might put them off, it’s better to just be direct and honest, rather than trying to sugar-coat something that might be controversial.”

“I’d rather deal with the controversy of what we’re doing, and have an above-table conversation about that topic, rather than trying to sugar-coat it with some other news. And again, my interactions over the last six months, and I really think the interactions of [Xbox chief marketing and strategy officer Yusuf Mehdi] and [Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten] and other members of the leadership team – we’re meaning to build on what we learned last summer, and just build on who we are as people.” source

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