Phoenix Project now called City of Titans – Kickstarter about to launch

missing worlds

After months of preparation Missing World Media are gearing up to launch their superhero MMO Kickstarter which was originally called The Phoenix Project. With the Kickstarter about to launch, the game has now also been given a proper name, City of Titans. The Kickstarter funding drive will commence on 2 October at 12:01 EST.

The launch had been planned for 8 September to coincide with the first anniversary of the City of Heroes Unity Rally after NCSoft shut down City of Heroes, but the Kickstarter was slightly delayed due to their requirements which had not been fully completed in time and some re-organising of the team.

President of Missing Words Media, Sara Quinn, added: “The delay was frustrating for us all, but it was a necessary evil, and we have used the time to put together an even better campaign.

“We are immensely grateful to our community for their continued support and understanding at this somewhat fraught time. They have been amazing, and without the morale boosts they provided, this would have been much harder on all of us.

“There was a massive assortment of names that were considered, and a good number of finalists, but we are now pleased to announce that the Phoenix has risen in the form of City of Titans, a name that at once contains a nod each to the game that brought us together and the community that so welcomed and supported us when we began this effort, and leaves us and our players free to tell stories of heroism, villainy, and anything in between.

Following the closure of City of Heroes, fans of NCSoft’s MMO were looking for a new home and members of the community rallied to create a new game development studio. Missing Worlds Media was born, and since last December a dedicated team has been working tirelessly between day jobs to make City of Titans a reality.

IncGamers caught up with key members of the dev team a couple of months ago and they spoke candidly about their plans and vision for the game. Make sure you read part 1 and part 2  before the Kickstarter launches on 2 October, the interview gives a great insight into their plans for the game.

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