The latest news from Pillars of Eternity 2 concerns a pair of new companions and, at long last, an erotic picnic date with Josh Sawyer. Picnic time is thanks to the $3.0 million USD stretch goal of ‘Companion Relationships’; but we’ll get to that shortly.

First up, Serafen and Maia Rua who will be potential party members in the sequel. Aloth, Eder, and Pallegina are already confirmed to be returning from Pillars.

Serafen is an Orlan cipher/barbarian, and belongs to dominant ‘Príncipi sen Patrena’ pirate organisation in the region. In his youth, he was a slave and powder monkey. After using his cipher abilities to lure his master’s ship into the clutches of pirates, he’s now respected by his jolly rogering comrades.

Meanwhile, Maia Rua is an Aumaua ranger with a bird of prey companion called Ishiza. She’s the sister of Kana from the first game, and is a “loyal Rauataian of Huana ancestry”. She’s a ship captain, and has been given the task of “civilizing” the Deadfire region. That’s not an easy task, particularly as Maia “has little experience with politics and espionage”. Ishiza, it is said, can “scout outdoor environments both in and out of combat”.

Now, on to smooth jazz and even smoother picnicing. If Pillars of Eternity 2 reaches the $3.0 million mark (currently it sits at $2.6 mil with around ten days of fundraising left), the game will get deeper ‘Companion Relationships’. Despite the presentation, that doesn’t automatically mean hot and heavy romantic action. Watch below, to see the rose-bearing Josh Sawyer and his whiteboard of love explain all.

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