Yes, it’s pretty much Pillars of Eternity day here on IncGamers – so here’s how to get rid of the repeating journal page sound, if you’ve run into that particular bug.

I’ve not had this one myself, but by the sounds of things it’s some kind of audio glitch relating to the tutorial hint pop-ups that you get in the game’s first area. If you keep hearing journal page noises where they shouldn’t be playing, try this.

Go to the ‘Game’ section of the options menu, find ‘Show In-Game Tutorials,’ and toggle that off. Going by what other people have said, this should fix the problem.

Of course this means you won’t get any more tutorial pop-up hints, but it’s mostly stuff like “hey, did you know there’s a Scouting Mode that lets you sneak” and similar things. You can hopefully get by without them. It’s better than listening to endless journal page turning noises, anyway.

If you fancy reading (or indeed listening) to more Pillars of Eternity today, we’ve got an interview with Josh Sawyer, my impressions of the first 20 hours, and a Beginner’s Guide for those less familiar with Infinity Engine RPGs.

Peter Parrish

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