If you’ve enrolled yourself in the Pillars of Eternity beta patch program, then you’ve probably been using version 1.04 for a while – it’s now been officially released to all players.

This new post at the Obsidian forums lists all the patch changes in exhaustive detail, and also suggests that Pillars of Eternity version 1.05 is tentatively scheduled for May. That update will allow players to change their voice-set option and portrait at any point in the game, and plans to introduce some new shader effects to make status afflictions a bit clearer in combat.

In terms of what this patch does; those pesky achievements for killing all dragons and getting all the stronghold upgrades should now register correctly. Both are retroactive, so they should show up if you’ve done those things.

The party dialogue fixes concern Durance properly discussing his dreams with you, and a general relaxation of conditions on getting his quest dialogues to trigger. Meanwhile, Sagani’s “fox-specific banters” now require the correct items to be present in a character’s inventory.

There are some ability tweaks too, such as “Mantle of The Dying Boar will now trigger at 33% Endurance with the effect of 5 Endurance a tick” and the ‘Knock Down’ talent now being applied for the full duration of the effect.

Have a read of the entire change log, over here.

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