Obsidian have, unsurprisingly, been looking into the Pillars of Eternity stats bugs and hope to address “most of them” in a retroactive patch. That’s the word from Adam Brennecke’s twitter account (by way of Blue’s News.)

Here’s Brennecke:

In response to someone querying the use of “most of” in that tweet, Brennecke says “I don’t know if we caught them all. Bugs are like Pokemon.”

The main stats bugs in Pillars of Eternity seem to (oddly) be based around whether players have ever double-clicked to equip a weapon or piece of equipment on their character. Doing so can sometimes remove certain class/racial bonuses … or remove them from being displayed at least. Reports differ on whether the bonuses are actually gone.

Another rather exploitable issue involves saving/loading on a companion’s “home” map (ie; Gilded Vale for Eder and Aloth.) This can sometimes give party members absurd stat boosts.

I don’t think I’ve run into either of these myself; but that’s the slightly annoying thing with these particular bugs – it can (sometimes) be hard to tell whether you’re affected or not.

The wording of Brennecke’s post (specifically “restore”) suggests that the upcoming patch will be retroactive and apply to current saves.

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