Pin-Up Girls Website For Battlestations: Pacific

Following the recent release of Battlestations: Pacific, Eidos has released a new Pin-Up girls website in a nod to the naughty art that appeared on World War II planes. allows users to view pin up ladies, aka models Tailor James and Irena G, as they pose in a selection of different positions, then stop the film at the pose they like and make that image into nose art for a plane. The films can be paused, sped up or slowed down, and viewers can even zoom in and out. Text and a background can be added to the final image, which can be made into a postcard or a desktop background.

See a couple of sample images below, and the video advertising this new feature at the bottom of the page.

Battlestations: Pacific, the sequel to Battlestations: Midway, launched in Europe on 15 May for the PC and Xbox 360. It offers players a chance to re-write history as they take on the role of either the US or the Japanese in World War II.