June 19th, 2017

Piranha Games reveal “epic” online sci-fi game on Tuesday

Piranha Games

Not sure I can forgive Piranha for using the word “epic” and it better be more “epic” than MWO.

Update: The game has been revealed as Transverse.

Mech Warrior Online players will be more than familiar with Piranha Games who have had their ups and down with the MWO. Piranha managed to crowd fund the mech title raising a hefty $5 million USD as fans rushed to relive the glory days of Mech Warrior, myself included. To say I was disappointed with MWO would be an understatement, and it’s not been played for a long time now. It just never got interesting.

On Tuesday Piranha are set to reveal what they describe as “epic, it’s online, it’s sci-fi.”.

Bryan Ekman, Creative Director and Cofounder of Piranha Games posted a full message about the reveal on the new site (accessed by typing I AM HUMAN).

“14 years ago I founded Piranha Games with my business partner Russ Bullock to build exciting and engaging games that we love to play. Piranha is best known for our latest endeavor — MechWarrior Online, an online free-to-play giant robot combat game. MechWarrior Online’s incredibly successful Founder’s Program proved that we can work directly with our backers to help build a game for the community.”

“On Sep 9th, 2014 at 12:00PM PDT we invite you to join us for the reveal of our next project. It’s a big one, it’s going to be the largest production ever undertaken here at Piranha, and we want YOU to be part of it.”

“By registering now, you can also name your Pilot – yes that’s right, pilot. Ok, no more spoilers…”

I have no idea what the game will be but it could be joining the ranks of the space sim revival. It’s worked well for Cloud Imperium and Star Citizen.

It sounds like there will be crowd funding involved for this new Piranha project, but here’s a quick word of warning. No matter what shows up on Tuesday, do not dash to open your wallet and throw cash at this. If it looks interesting wait until you find out more. Wait until there is something concrete because what’s detailed might not be what you get. I learned that from MWO.


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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • https://www.twitch.tv/deathlyeyes DeathlyEyes

      Anyone who is considering buying this game needs to seriously look at the state games PGI makes are in. Here is an excellent example. They had to delete the original thread announcing the game and make a new thread with the following disclaimer on it.
      “Our first thread contained the (expected) unruly responses. We’ve packed it up, given it to Superman, and he’s on his way to the sun now. 🙂
      Let’s try again:
      Please post questions you may have regarding MWO and #auniversetoexplore. Quality questions that show respect will be answered on Monday!
      Please keep it civil, no swearing, insults, jabs, call outs, etc.
      Personal opinions can be saved for a later date, only questions.
      Be polite, avoid discussing the questions, as this creates a noisy thread.
      This thread will be actively moderated to keep it focused and on track.”
      Any game company that needs to put that kind of disclaimer and delete threads obviously doesn’t make quality games. Mechwarrior is a mess and unfinished. Odds are this game will end up the same way if it is funded and will meet the same fate of rinse and repeat.

    • skupples

      Fuck PGI.

      Anyone looking to buy into this game NEEDS to do research on previous practices of this development firm. They are an utter disgrace to the gaming community, and give kickstarted games a bad name. They lied through their teeth CONSTANTLY about Mech Warrior Online, and are now running off to make a new game with the money made from Mech Warrior Online INSTEAD OF DELIVERING STILL NOT IMPLEMENTED PROMISED FEATURES INTO MECH WARRIOR.

      “MechWarrior Online’s incredibly successful Founder’s Program proved that we can work directly with our backers to help build a game for the community.”

      This is the BIGGEST laughing stock of the entire quote from the CEO. He is basically taunting the entire Mech Warrior Online Community.

    • Skupples

      INCGAMERS is going to have to disable comments for this topic, as recreating the thread won’t keep the truth out.

    • https://twitter.com/Joe_Adanac Joe_Adanac

      “Piranha managed to crowd fund the mech title raising a hefty $5 USD as fans rushed to relive the glory days of Mech Warrior, myself included.”

      Oh, THAT’S why it’s taken them 2+ years to implement basic features… they were working with a budget of only $5.

    • Paul Younger

      Why would we disable comments? If that’s what you think that’s your opinion which you’re perfectly entitled to.