The Behemoth’s game of fiendish strategy and sentient cupcakes, Pit People, will be having a closed beta session through Steam starting on 28 September. If you want to get in on that, and see some of the game prior to the stated release date of “Before the Apocalypse,” then you can do so here.

At that link you will be asked deep and intimate personal questions like “what is your name?” and “do you actually have a PC with Windows on it because if not this might be a waste of time” (or words to that effect). Make it through this torturous questioning, and you might end up with an invite to the Pit People closed beta. They’re not being sent out yet, so don’t wait by your inbox all day.

It’ll run from the aforementioned 28 September date, until 5 October. Here’s a fairly recent trailer that’ll be one part enlightening to two parts confusing.

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