Out today, and reckoning to have devised the perfect control system for touch-screen shooters

Pixel Toys has released Gunfinger for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Developed in Pixel Toys’ new Leamington Spa office by a crack team of seasoned game developers, Gunfinger is a free to download first person action shooter featuring a cast of hillbilly zombies.

Gunfinger is Pixel Toys’ second game, but it’s the first to demonstrate the company’s goal of creating console-like 3D games designed specifically for mobile platforms.

Andrew Wafer CEO of Pixel Toys said “We wanted to make the gameplay in Gunfinger appropriate for the device, we felt virtual twin stick shooters just weren’t cutting it on touch screens, so we spent time prototyping something we felt was appropriate and importantly, fun. There’s been a bunch of other games that have tried this recently, but nothing quite like Gunfinger. In Gunfinger with just one touch of the screen the player can aim with extreme precision and pull off some very skillful trick shots.”

The games’ light-hearted story sees the player recruited into the NE1 Agency, a secret team of rebel farmers sworn to put a stop to the evil Doc Monday, a maniac scientist hell-bent on turning the entire world into (literally) mindless brain munching zombies.

The NE1 Agency provides the player with an arsenal of zombie blasting weapons as well as a selection of fun gadgets, each of which grant the player special abilities. The game also features a mode which offers a unique new challenge for players every day.

Wafer concluded “Daily Challenge is a mode we’re very excited about. Each day the game will present the player with a new challenge which is the same for every player around the world, giving them just 24 hours to see who’s the boss.”

Gunfinger key features:

  • Make every bullet count using precision Gunfinger aim gameplay
  • Wide range of cool zombie splaying weapons and gadgets with insane upgrades
  • More than 70 fun and varied missions with different enemy types and objectives
  • Daily Challenge mode with a new challenge every day!
  • Bright, big and beautiful environments (to splatter zombies around in)

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