Q-Games’ PixelJunk series is taking its next title (PixelJunk 1-6) the PC. Previous games have all been release on the PlayStation 3 (where the series made its debut), but this one will be coming first to the good old PC and may not even see a console release.

    “Every week expect to see our development logs, concepts, technical notes and more as we tinker away on PixelJunk 1-6,” say Q-Games on a handy ‘What is PixelJunk 1-6‘ post.

    PixelJunk 1-6 started as a hobby project by a few of us over a year ago. Working on our weekends and holidays, we couldn’t help but expand on this fun idea.”

    Looks like the team will be posting regular updates on the PixelJunk blog, and keeping up a high level of interaction with the PixelJunk community.

    The “totally co-op” game will be coming to the PC through Steam in 2013.

    Source: PixelJunk FAQ

    Peter Parrish

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