Plan 8 Is New Exosuit Mmo From Black Desert Online Devs

Exosuit is just power armor minus the “armor” part. And Pearl Abyss just announced its new MMO based on the suits, called Plan 8.

Appearing in the South Korean (I probably didn’t need to qualify, the North isn’t really into gaming) G-Star gaming expo, Pearl Abyss, the developer of the famous Black Desert Online MMO, showed off a teaser trailer for Plan 8, an “exosuit MMO shooter.” Minh “Gooseman” Le, one of the original Counter-Strike creators, will join the project.

Stylized as PLAN 8, the game appears to be set in an isolated island, a favorite location for fictional conflicts. It is overrun with robots and drones, from fairly sophisticated Terminator cousins to small gun quadcopters. Frankly, the opening reminds of the Generation Zero trailers. However, this is not Sweden and you’re not just a bunch of hapless teens.

And you also have exosuits, which I guess will be the primary class ability delivery vector. In the trailer, you can see them providing you with Titanfall-like wall-running, wings, superior melee attacks and more.

Planning for Plan 8

Plan 8 Is New Exosuit Mmo From Black Desert Online Devs 2

Plan 8 seems to be rolling out with some semblance of a plot and even single-player content. You can see the characters in the trailer not only fighting back against robots (including strangling one with an electric wire), but also working in some sort of resistance base and even constructing their own robot buddies. A mysterious Doc Ock figure in a business suit can be spotted, as well as some meathead with an arms suit that allows him to swing lamp posts.

The inclusion of the single-player element into Plan 8 wouldn’t be that surprising seeing how Pearl Abyss has also announced Crimson Desert, an epic fantasy MMORPG that will have a single-player campaign with multiplayer elements. It is supposed to be some sort of Black Desert Online prequel.

There are no details on possible release dates for Plan 8, but you can sign up for a newsletter.

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