Planet Coaster blueprints doubling in size and more

Planet Coaster blueprints doubling in size and more

While we all love to tinker with rides and designs in Planet Coaster, sometimes it’s worth checking out some of the user created blueprints. When Frontier launch the 11 April 1.2 spring update they are making some great changes to the blueprints systems.

When the update releases, blueprint piece sizes will increase from 2000 to 4000. This means you can add even more scenery and assets per blueprint.

Another addition to the blueprint system is that entrances and exits will now also included in blueprints making rides easier to fit into parks. It also means you can see where they are supposed to be in the design.

Frontier are also taking these changes a step further but allowing up to five rides in a single blueprint which means players will be able to upload segments of their park, perhaps a specifically themed area, for others to grab.

To make life easier, all flat rides can be grouped as a multi-selection and moved around with the scenery and buildings.

Some great quality of life improvements for players who like to share and download creations from the Workshop.

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