Planet Coaster, which, by the way, is about creating fairgrounds, not a land populated by table-defending drink apparatus, will be full of little AI people making decisions. Which ride to go on; whether they need to find a toilet; can they justify spending money on merchandise, and so on.

The code behind all of this AI decision making has been dubbed the ‘Guest Brain’ by Frontier, who discuss the subject in a new trailer for the game. All the guests in Planet Coaster will be driven by their desires and needs, which will guide them towards (say) a roller-coaster if they’re seeking thrills, or a calmer ride if they’re more family oriented. Hunger, tiredness, and other feelings will also influence their decisions.

They may opt to take a ‘transport ride’ to a more distant part of your theme park, or they may choose to walk. Here’s the trailer explaining more. Planet Coaster comes to PC on 17 November.


Steep open beta coming on 18 November

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