The latest update for Planet Coaster includes a virtual version of an as-yet-unopened coaster, Steel Vengeance. Set to open in 2018 in Ohio’s Cedar Point, it’s available as a freebie addition to Planet Coaster today.

    In real life it’s set to be a revamp of the wooden ‘Mean Streak’ ride, and is touting itself as the “tallest, fastest, and longest hybrid rollercoaster” in the world. Update 1.3.6 for the game adds the Steel Vengeance ride and blueprint to the game. It also adds a couple of Cedar Point signs and addresses a couple of bugs.

    You can see a Steel Vengeance trailer below, along with the patch notes.

    New Coaster

    Added the Steel Vengeance coaster, from Cedar Point.
    Added the Steel Vengeance coaster blueprint for the Steel Vengeance coaster.

    New Scenery

    Added 2 Cedar Point signs and the Steel Vengeance ride sign.


    Added a prompt to enable extended debugging when a GPU crash is detected.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where display sequencers would not trigger at certain times.
    Fixed an issue where activation times on display sequencers would reset.
    Improved the monthly cost feedback for closed facilities.
    Edges of custom biome parks will now appear correctly on lower spec machines.
    General stability fixes and improvements.

    Peter Parrish

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