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Planet Zoo developer Frontier Developments has revealed its next major expansion pack and update. The Aquatic Pack comes to Planet Zoo in a week’s time on December 8, expanding the amount of attractions and animals available in the game. The premium DLC pack launches alongside a free update, which the team has detailed.

The free update 1.4 adds a host of new additions, while addressing some community concerns. A new water temperature regulator is being added for those watery habitats, allowing for better welfare control. The tool has a certain range too, allowing you to utilize it for multiple bodies of water in any given area. A heatmap in the water overview area will also allow you to check each regulator on the fly.

Sticking with the aquatic theme, a new feeding station comes with update 1.4. The underwater box feeder is coming, although at present it’s used for one specific purpose. The only animal to currently take advantage of this feeder is the saltwater crocodile, so it’s pretty useless otherwise. However, Frontier says the feeder will be usable with other animals in future.

Other management aspects have been a priority for the developer with this update. The transport management screen is getting an overhaul, allowing players to view all current zoo transport. This new menu tab allows you to make on-the-fly decisions about managing your transport, including checking the number of rides, total profits, most popular stations and more.

Planet Zoo Australia Pack

Jetting off

There’s a new challenge scenario coming next week. A timed scenario takes place in the Philippines, as you embark on a trip to the mountains of Luzon. Transforming disused rice terraces and promoting conservational awareness are the orders of the day. Getting the area ready for the opening ceremonies is a must.

There are some new scenery assets dropping with update 1.4, alongside more quality of life improvements. If you want a glimpse at the new premium Aquatic Pack DLC, here’s a new trailer. The Aquatic Pack and more comes to Planet Zoo on December 8.

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