Ok, yes, you might be having a slight feeling of deja vu over this story. Last week we reported that Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley had twittered about the Planetside 2 beta starting this Monday (or Tuesday) “barring any unforeseen circumstances”. That statement was a bit premature, because a few days later it was revealed that the beta would be delayed due to the need for “polish” (not exactly an unforeseen circumstance, but hey).

    Smedley is back at it again, this time writing “Looking like it’s going to be Monday [6 August]  at 2pm for the start of Beta” (presumably meaning 2pm Pacific Time, since that’s his timezone).

    Ominously, he adds “still a lot of work to do”, so don’t take that Monday date or time as a certainty.

    Peter Parrish

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