Planetside 2 creative director on server merges, roadmap and new players site

Planetside 2

SOE’s Matt Higby has posted a new update on the status of Planetside 2 covering the recently announced server merges, a new player site for the community and the roadmap update.

The Planetside 2 roadmap  has been ticking over rather nicely with feedback from the community on game updates, and according to Matt, they have already changed priorty on features and game direction based on the feedback from players so far so it’s proving very useful.

Also launched is the new players site which is a section with character focused features including progression stats, detailed stats on class, weapon, and vehicle usage, realtime  and historical killboards for each character, friend status and more. New features will be added to the site including outfit browsing and certifications.

Finally, server merges have been a hot topic this week and next week servers will be merges. Why is it taking to long to get this organised? Well the merge is a little more complicated because of an additional continent being added which also means the servers hold more players.

The servers involved in the merge are as follows:

US West:
Genudine and Helios -> Helios

US East: 
Mattherson and SolTech -> Mattherson
Waterson and Jaeger -> Waterson

Cobalt and Lithcorp -> Cobalt
Ceres and Mallory -> Ceres

If you don’t like where you end up after the move, server transfer tokens will be made available which will let you switch servers.

Check the full update from Matt on the Planetside 2 site.

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