Develoepr Kaos Studios has announced a number of PC specific features for Homefront, including the fact it can be enjoyed in full 3D.
The firm posted the news on its site, stating: “we wanted to confirm that you’ll be able to enjoy Homefront in glorious 3D on PC thanks to full NVidia 3D Vision support. We showed it off at CES earlier this year, it looked rad.”
Kaos also confirmed the game, which will be available to pre-order via Steam, will allow gamers to control vehicles from the 1st person cockit as well as 3rd person.
Gameplay wise, a Squad Management system has been introduced for PC, with Squad based VOIP. There’s also Clan Support, and Kaos will be tracking more post-match statistics on the PC platform.
Kaos also wrote: “Multiplayer Match Recording also features and a Dedicated Server Browser Executable will be released to allow you set up your own private servers within two weeks of launch. LAN support will be in there too.

”Finally there are standard tweaks such as optimized UI to make it more PC / Mouse friendly, supported SLI / Crossfire configurations for extra performance, and 3D support through NVidia’s 3D Vision if you have the appropriate hardware.”
Last week, the minimum spec for the standard PC version of Homefront were announced.
This is the spec needed to play Homefront in 3D:-

NVIDIA 3D Vision Recommended Spec
3D Compatible NVIDIA GeForce 480/570 Series GPU
NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
3D Vision-Ready Display
Intel Core i7 processor
Windows Vista or Windows 7
10GB of free hard drive space

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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