Play Sega Games Online, Get Free Controller

Sega’s new PlaySEGA site is offering a free controller for players who sign up for three months or more.The PlaySEGA site allows those who sign up to play a load of old Sega games, from Sonic through Comix Zone, Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter 2, Gunstar Heroes, Shining Force, and more.In a truly lovely touch, level creators are also on offer, although right now they’re only available for Sonic and Stuntmaster Motocross 2. Still: a Sonic the Hedgehog level creator.You can sign up free for ten days of VIP access, which grants access to everything on the site, but continued VIP access – required for most of the things you’ll be interested in – costs money.The pricing plans range from one month for £4.99 GBP up to a 12-month subscription priced at £29.99 GBP, but in a nice touch, those who sign up for three months or more will receive a free USB joypad based around the Saturn controller in the post.Unless you go for the 12-month subscription there’s a one-off fee of £2.99 GBP for the joypad’s postage and packing, but we think that’s a pretty good deal nonetheless, particularly if you use the promo code “segafans” when signing up to knock 15% off the subscription price – which pretty much pays for the P&P by itself.The joypads are also available for purchase for £8.99 GBP (not including postage and packing costs) with a one-month subscription.So: you can play old Sega games online, and get a free joypad thrown into the deal. Not bad at all.