Play SNES/MegaDrive cartridges on your PC

Just look at that thing, it’s bizarre. It looks alien, the idea is either genius or ludicrous and its name sounds like a rejected character from Total Recall. 
What the ‘Retrode’ does, obviously, is allow you to play your original Super Nintendo and Sega MegaDrive cartridges on your PC. Seeing as how ripping off the original hardware architecture is illegal, Retrode use third-party emulation to play the games. The benefit of this is surely the ability to upscale the visuals and provide third-party control pad/keyboard support.
As you can see, there are ports for using the original systems’ control pads. For some reason playing Super Probotector (Contra III as it’s known in the states) on a proper old SNES pad, 8BG of RAM and a flash NVIDIA card does seem appealing.
It’s due for release on 23 January. You can buy it here.