Play The Passing With Valve

In conjunction with the release of Left 4 Dead 2’s new add-on The Passing, Valve is inviting players to join several of their employees for a game.

According to my highly scientific timezone calculations, the PC event will take place from 7pm to 1am BST, 22 April.

If you’re a British Xbox 360 player, the event is a little more challenging on the sleep patterns: 3am to 7am BST, 23 April.

The names to befriend on PC are L4D2_DEV_1, L4D2_DEV_2 all the way up to L4D2_DEV_10. On the 360, keep an eye out for L4D2 DEV 1 to L4D2 DEV 10.

Be sure to yell “OH GOD VALVE WHY DID YOU KILL OFF [FAVOURITE SURVIVOR]?” over voice chat as much as possible.

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