Play Titanfall free with the new Origin Game Time this weekend

Titanfall Expedition

EA has decided to give gamers a free taste of their titles with the new Origin Game Time.

With demos now a thing of the past, EA has decided that perhaps they should offer up free tasters of their games and they’re kicking things off with a free Titanfall weekend.

This weekend PC gamers can download Titanfall and play free for two days. Should you enjoy the game and pick up a full copy once the weekend is over then you can continue on where you left off as this free weekend is the entire game.

This is a great move by EA, especially after the dire Battlefield 4 launch. This way if gamers are in any doubt about the qiality of the game hopefully at some point it will appear on Game Time and it can be tested with all options available.

Games will appear on the new Free Games page as they become available.

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