June 20th, 2017

Players must mod: Orcs Must Die 2 gets Steam Workshop support

Orcs Must Die 2 (4)

If you ever wanted to fiddle around with the spells, traps, or levels of action-y tower defense game Orcs Must Die 2, then your opportunity has arisen. Orcs Must Die 2 now has Steam Workshop support, as well as a mod launcher.

Right now, most of the “mods” are basically what you’d expect – some swap over the unique traps of the War Mage and Sorceress, and others just unlock everything for everyone. There are mods making traps free, mods adding autofire to weapons, mods making the characters run faster, mods… well, you get the idea. Right now, other than a few new weapons and a couple making levels harder, most of the mods are a bit cheat-y.

Still, that’s not surprising considering this is still rather new. Give it a few weeks and I suspect things will change.

If you’re curious on how to change things around yourself, go have a look at the tutorial. Unless you’re trying to create custom models and the like, it’s a bit simpler than you might’ve expected.

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