September 5th, 2017

Playfire really want you to buy Dark Souls 2 on Green Man Gaming

Dark Souls 2

Playfire are so certain they want you to pick up Dark Souls 2 on Green Man Gaming that they’re offering 25% off the game, plus rewards for doing so.

Well, sort of. As far as I can tell you get the rewards for playing Dark Souls 2, regardless of where you bought it, but the rewards are credit on Green Man Gaming and you can get 25% off the game if you pre-order it from there.

Here’s how it works: link your Steam account to gaming community/progress tracking thing Playfire between 24 April and 30 April, and you’ll get £1.50 in credit on Green Man Gaming. Play Dark Souls 2 within three days of its launch, and you’ll get 50p credit on Green Man Gaming. After that, every Dark Souls 2 achievement earned until 7 May will get you some additional credit, ranging from 10p to 50p. In total, you can basically make £5.50 in GMG credit for playing Dark Souls 2, which isn’t really a bad incentive if you were planning on picking it up anyway. Full details are over here, and you might want to have a look at that page because they’ve probably written this all out a lot more clearly than I have.

If you want to pre-order Dark Souls 2 from Green Man Gaming, the voucher code J4XXU2-JTFTLL-8ENDXZ should knock 25% off the price. Our review of the PC version should, I think, be up later this week.

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