Playstation 4 Is Fully Capable Of Real Time Global Lighting


Geomerics, The developer of the Enlighten software which a lot of us will have seen in use before in Battlefield 3, announced today that the Playstation 4 will support Enlighten, which is usually a commodity that PC gamers hold exclusively.

Company founder Dr. Chris Doran said:

“We are delighted to be working on PlayStation®4,” said Geomerics’ founder Dr. Chris Doran. “The hardware is everything we were hoping for in a next generation console, and a huge step forward from the current generation.

“Real-time global illumination was a big deal for games running on the current generation of hardware, but it required developers to make some compromises.”

In case your curious to see just how good the software is, here’s a brief video of the Enlighten engine being put to use.


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