PlayStation 4 Stream Support Coming to a PC Near You

While everyone was stuffin’ the stuffing into their faces, a nice bit of news dropped for those PC players who own PlayStation 4’s. And, with all of the sales going on lately, you might find yourself in that boat anyways. The update came via social media in the tweet below and confirms the possibilities of streaming to your PC from your console. This comes after reports of an unofficial app that had surfaced, showing that it was indeed possible.

The biggest news is that it frees up a TV in the house where your console is located. As a Wii U owner, this has me saying at times: “It’s about time.” I can appreciate the remote play, but if it comes to a point where I’m fighting over the TV in the house, well, I’ll just look to getting another one.

Do you already play your Xbox One on your PC? Will you like the fact that you can stream from your PlayStation 4 to your PC? Sound off in the comments below.

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