PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delayed until November

If you were looking forward to playing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in October this year, prepare yourself for another month or so of waiting. Sony has just announced that the game will now be released on 20 November (in North American territories, so that probably means a touch later in Europe) rather than the previously revealed date in October.

As usual, the explanation of “more time polishing and tuning the game” has been trotted out (a fair reason to delay a game, for sure, but as vague as ever). Sony also claims it will spend this extra time applying some of the feedback its been receiving from players in the beta “to ensure we are creating the best possible fighting game experience”. Which is nice.

Hopefully they’ll also consider shortening the name so I don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome every time I type it out.

More details are promised to emerge from Gamescom, so watch out for more news later in the week (more characters added to the line-up, perchance?)

Source: PlayStation Blog

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