Playstation Europe’s Jim Ryan made a notable comment regarding the surge in Playstation-exclusive content coming from 3rd parties lately.

To be clear, this isn’t about getting Playstation exclusive games like Bloodborne, but exclusive and timed exclusive content for games like Destiny and Diablo III. Basically, Ryan argues that this is how the market works now.

These are Ryan’s statements regarding the issue:

This is about providing additional stuff that is going to make the PlayStation consumer happy. But basically this is how markets operate, on the basis of competition and differentiation.

This is his follow up statement about exclusives creating confusion among consumers:

I think you do the majority of gamers a disservice, in terms of assuming whether they know about which deals are where.

Obviously, if gaming companies are already operating under this assumption, you can expect a host of more Playstation exclusive content for future multiplatform games in the coming months and years. Is this something that you would like to see, though? Or is this a bone of contention for the industry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Image is from Diablo III.

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