Not too long ago Playstation Mobile finally arrived on the Vita and mobile platform. Playstation Mobile is essentially poised to become another affordable gateway for small time developers seeking an audience.  Pricing for the most part seems right on the money but some of the pricier offerings may have to be reduced before gaining an audience. So far I’ve seen prices at the range of free (freemium) all the way up to $7.49. If the number of reviews are any indication as to which titles are selling well, it seems that the $3.49 and below price point is the way to go. This is not to take away from what resources went into production but these title need to be priced to compete the other mobile storefronts.

On to the Games

So after hearing so much about Super Crate Box, I went ahead and made that my first purchase. At $3.49 it was worth every penny as I’ve found myself glued to my Vita collecting crates and dispatching my foes. The title does so well at introducing the premise as well as the strengths/weaknesses of each weapon.

Super Crate Box is genius in its simplicity and humor plus it’s so reminiscent of the 8 bit era you can’t help but to get drawn in. It’s also fair to note that this is not a touchscreen title, you can use the left analog or the d-pad along with the face buttons. The reflexes and precision required for when things get frantic makes me wonder how this is played on tablet devices. Out of 116 ratings SCB is currently rated 4.87 out 5 stars. I gave it a 5!

The second and only other game I’ve purchased so far is Underline. Underline is very much a cross between Boggle, Scrabble, Bejeweled and a word search. Underline is an all touchscreen title where you find words by drawing a path to connect letters. There are power-ups that can be purchased with points you earn while playing or you can purchase points if you become an addict. This title isn’t designed so that you only get enjoyment by pouring more money into it though.

Underline like Super Crate Box is a fine example of what Playstation Mobile has to offer now and in the future. Underline is available for the low price of $2.79. Out of 14 ratings it is now rated 4out of 5 stars. I gave it a 4!

Fan Favorites

I’m still not ready to go all out and purchase too many of these titles. If anything I’ll wait until there’s something that everyone is talking about or something is recommended. Maybe you already have a favorite title from Playstation Mobile or even a title you really hate. We’d like to hear from you below.


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