Recently Vita owners have been treated to the 2.10 firmware update. I say treated because rather than just some behind the scene changes, this is an update that includes what many of us have been asking for…Playstation 2 games! Not really!

It does offer the ability to create folders which is big for those of us tired of…well not having the ability to create folders. Below is a list of all the new features in firmware 2.10.

Home Screen

• Yay! Sony listened, we can now create folders for home screen icons.
• There is an icon on the info bar to indicate a Vita game is inserted. Finally!


• With a memory card you can watch streaming video from web pages. Not all video is compatible. ;(


• Email in HTML can now be viewed. Zooming can be achieved in the same way as on i devices and Android devices alike.
• Now a maximum of 5 email addresses can be attributed to a single contact.
• Email messages can now be searched by content in the “body” of the email.
• Adding email accounts has been simplified.
• Email accounts that support IMAP have been improved in the area of Folder Assignments.
• All contacts can now be deleted at the same time.


• There is now a setting to make Music mute automatically when headphones are removed. Adjusting the volume brings back the sound.
• More applications take advantage of the Vita’s buttons now.
• The ability to use WiFi in Power Save Mode has been added.
• Disconnect Wi-Fi Connection Automatically has been removed from its previous location.

PlayStation Network

• Playstation Mobile software can now be updated automatically.

PlayStation Store

• Details can now be included when reporting PlayStation Mobile content as inappropriate.

Group Messaging

• Now it is possible to select multiple contacts when creating a new message.


• Images can be shown in high res. when displayed.

Content Manager

• Uploading/Downloading of save data can be accomplished over a mobile connection.
• Update data can now be found and updated when transferring software from a PS3. (ver. 4.40 required)
• It is now possible to name the Vita data backed up to a PS3. (ver. 4.40 required)

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