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The team at PMDG has listed the price of its new Boeing 737-900 add-on for $49.99 USD for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Recently released, this final entry in the 737NG family brings this line of airliners to a close from PMDG after an unexpected delay of over two years since Microsoft Flight Simulator first launched.

The Boeing 737-900 is both the final 737NG release for PMDG and Boeing itself. It is the largest in the line, resulting in a unique flight characteristics compared to its sister ships. It requires a longer takeoff roll as well as greater runway length for landings, making it a slightly less “zippy” plane compared to the incredibly short 737-600.

The 737-900ER variant boasts the largest fuel capacity, giving it the longest flight duration capabilities of the entire 737NG line.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pmdg 737 900 Ofc2 (copy)

Image via PMDG

Boeing 737-900 price is midline for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Just like all of the other variants released prior, the 737-900 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been outfitted with crisp new textures and a higher-fidelity model compared to PMDG’s past releases. All of the aircraft’s intricate systems are simulated, with a robust array of functioning buttons, switches, and gauges throughout the cockpit. PMDG has also outfitted it with a “new sound environment.”

Despite this being on the higher-end of fidelity in terms of add-ons, PMDG has placed the 737-900 square in the middle of its pricing model — $49.99 USD to be exact. Meanwhile, the 737-600 is the cheapest at $34.99 USD, while the 737-700 and -800 variants top out at $69.99 USD.

Put your jets to the test

With four different variants to pick from, you may be wondering which one is the “best.” In truth, each of these 737s have their own unique flight characteristics, but they’re not dramatically different from each other. Cockpit commonality is a selling point for the real 737, and that, to a different degree, also benefits its digital twin.

The 737-600 is a great choice for more casual simmers who may not be overly-familiar with “study-level” add-ons such as what PMDG produces. It’s the easiest to fly and the cheapest to acquire. In real life, the 737-800 is the most popular of all the 737NG variants, so if you want to emulate a lot of real-world operations, that will give you the most “immersive” experience if you’re going for purity.

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As stated earlier, the 737-900 is the largest and flies the furthest, which is what causes it to handle a little differently compared to the other variants. But, it’s not a dramatic difference to where it will feel like a completely different aircraft.

PMDG’s plans for the future

Now that the core work of bringing over the 737NG line to Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally complete, all of the variants will continue to be updated with tweaks and additions over time. This includes the inclusion of new features such as a functioning weather radar, and an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) — a digital tablet that can control different aspects of the aircraft, display charts and more.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pmdg 737 900 Ofc5 (copy)

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There’s no definitive word as to when we can expect the team to tackle the Boeing 737 MAX line of jets,. But it has confirmed that its next big project is bringing over the Boeing 777 to the simulator. More details on that are expected to be rolled out later in 2023.

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