Today has been a rather good day so far. Today I got to talk to Charles Cecil, founder and managing director of Revolution Software and creator of the Broken Sword series.

As one of the series that dominated by videogame experiences of the mid-nineties, the opportunity to talk to Charles about the upcoming Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse was hastily snapped up. One of the things we spoke about was the idea that the point and click adventure is as big as it’s ever going to be and that it’s more or less impossible to expand the audience beyond its current player base.

It’s an idea that Charles wholeheartedly disagrees with.

“Last year when we self-published Broken Sword: Director’s Cut and Broken Sword 2: Remastered what was particularly gratifying was it they went to a whole new audience – we had five million downloads on Apple devices last year.

“It’s great that the [Broken Sword]¬†games are still being so well received; the Broken Sword: Director’s Cut has a Metacritic score of 91 per cent. One of the risks of releasing this sort of game is the idea that genre is now outdated and people are no longer interested, but that’s clearly not the case. A new generation absolutely embraced the game on a new device.

“We have two audiences; those that played the original games and the new audience that has just come in through the mobile platforms. That gives us great confidence going forward that we’ve got the potential to grow the market even further and it’s a genre with a very wide audience.”

Are you excited for the new Broken Sword? Do you still play many point and click adventures? What you think of the direction Telltale Games has taken with the genre?

Our full interview with Charles Cecil will be published later this week.

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