Kickstarted police-corruption jaunt This Is the Police will begin cracking down on criminals and surreptitiously filling its pockets on 28 July. Available through GOG and Steam, it’ll be priced at $15/£12; some of which may or may not be getting skimmed into protagonist Jack Boyd’s bank account.

Boyd has 180 days to keep the volatile city of Freeburg quiet, and amass a nice little retirement package of $500,000 USD at the same time. Getting hold of that kind of money will mean doing business with some extremely dubious characters, and risking both your own life and the lives of other police officers in the process.

For more about how This Is the Police plays, have a read of Tim’s preview of an alpha version of the game. Some details may (obviously) have changed for the release version, but that should give you good idea of the title’s focus on choices and grubby police corruption.

Here’s a new trailer too.

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