Welcome to the spectacular return of the IncGamers weekly opinion poll, back after its January break and ready to canvas opinion on how well (or poorly) Nvidia handled the GTX 970 VRAM issue.

Those who’ve been following the story will know that users had suspected there was something unusual about the 970’s upper 512MB VRAM usage for some time. Technical tests and forum debates on the subject stretch back to 2014.

It took Nvidia some time to accept and admit that, yes, the final 512MB of VRAM on their 4GB 970 cards is segmented and has reduced bandwidth. This makes it far less effective and can cause problems in games when VRAM usage exceeds 3.5GB.

In response, the company CEO issued an apology, blaming a failure in communication to the internal marketing team. The same statement suggested that the segmented VRAM was a “feature” of the GTX 970.

A separate class action lawsuit has been launched against Nvidia, citing “products that do not perform or possess the capabilities advertised and represented.”

This week’s poll asks whether Nvidia’s response to the affair has been adequate. You can cast you vote below, or over on the right-hand side bar. The poll will stay up until next Friday, at which point we’ll run the results.

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