Frankly, this is crazy. Portal, the whole of Portal, has been completed in the razor sharp time of 8 minutes 31.93 seconds.

    If you find that difficult/impossible to believe, check out the video below.

    The run was completed by sourceruns team members Josh “Inexistence” Peaker, Sebastian “Xebaz” Dressler, Nick “Z1mbobw4y” Roth and Nick “Gocnak” Kerns.

    Sourceruns time beats the previous record by almost a whole minute.

    The team states that “There were no cheats, hacks, or modifications made to the game while the speedrunning took place. Everything you see in this video can be done on a current Steam version of Portal without using any console commands.”

    If you fancy having a go yourself, you can read the team’s notes on how each test chamber was completed here.

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