Democracy 3

    My gaming life hasn’t brought me in contact with either Democracy or Democracy 2, but the idea of a deep, political simulator intrigues me so I’ll be keeping an eye on developments with Positech’s Democracy 3.

    Positech’s Cliff Harris outlines a number of reasons for a return to the series in his blog-post announcement; an urge to update the user interface and improve mod support, along with desires to better reflect the political realities of the modern age (regarding Climate Change, sovereign debt crisis’ and the like).

    “I’m coding Democracy 3 95% from scratch, although the basic GUI layout be very very similar (although much polished). The game is up and running already (I’ve worked on it on and off for a while now), but there is nothing exciting to see yet,” Harris writes.

    The title should be out later this year, with a “done when it’s done” caveat attached.

    Peter Parrish

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