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At the start of Potion Permit, you’ll only have a fairly small area to explore. Other zones (just as small) will become available later. Here’s our Potion Permit guide to help you increase your Approval Badge rank and get a Letter of Recommendation.

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Potion Permit guide – How to increase your Approval Badge rank

Your Approval Badge rank in Potion Permit represents your character’s competence in dealing with the issues in Moonbury. The first rank is granted to you by the mayor fairly early on in the campaign. Simply follow the straightforward quest objectives until it’s handed to you.

From here, the only section of the wilderness that you can head to is Meadow Range. There are some weak enemies here and a bunch of resource nodes. Further to the east, you’ll spot a boulder wall. The only way to clear it is by amassing 1,500 gold, 225 wood, and 175 stone.

Note: It’s going to take you awhile to acquire these resources, so make sure that you’re farming everything you need each daily cycle.

Potion Permit Approval Badge Letter Of Recommendation 1

After a few hours of farming, you’ll be able to clear the obstacle, allowing you to explore the rest of Meadow Range. If you follow the winding path to the north, you’ll come across a snowy ridge with a derelict cable car. You’re told that you have to upgrade your approval bar. Then, when you talk to the mayor, he’ll inform you that you need a Letter of Recommendation.

The Letter of Recommendation in Potion Permit comes from the Medical Association. If you track the quest, no marker will appear. That’s because these NPCs aren’t in the village. Instead, they’ll visit you in your house as you progress a few more days in-game. You’ll likely need to unlock the research mechanic to impress these folks, whereupon the quest item is given on their next visit.

Potion Permit Approval Badge Letter Of Recommendation 2

Once you’ve done that, talk to the mayor again and he’ll upgrade your Approval Badge in Potion Permit. This gives you access to the snowy region in the northeast section of the map.

Sadly, the cable car still needs to be repaired. It requires 3,000 gold, 675 wood, and 525 stone, so do try to farm as often as you can. Likewise, a metal cog must be obtained from a sidequest.

Potion Permit Approval Badge Letter Of Recommendation 3

Potion Permit is available via Steam.

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