Praise the Sun: Dark Souls 2 revealed at Spike VGAs

From Software’s splendid Dark Souls title (itself a spiritual sequel of sorts to Demons Souls) will be getting a sequel. The game was announced this evening at the Spike VGA awards.

An official site for the game, which you can find here, confirms that it will be coming to the PC alongside the usual console suspects.

“The entire development team is striving to make Dark Souls II an experience that is fresh while not forsaking its roots in presenting players with challenging gameplay. Our goal is to surprise and delight our fans with new experiences and plot twists while enticing new players to join our dark journey,” says Tomohiro Shibuya of From Software.

Little else has been revealed so far (save for Namco Bandai taking publishing duties once again), but enjoy these images from the debut trailer while we try to get hold of the footage itself.

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