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For those who simply cannot wait to start interfering in more galactic politics in Soldak’s innovative action-RPG Drox Operative, the developer has made the new add-on available for early purchase. If you buy Invasion of the Ancients right now, it’ll be 10% off (making it $9.00 USD) and you’ll get instant access to the beta version.

As noted by the team, this also means you’ll have an “opportunity to give Soldak feedback on our forums which can influence the game, and of course, the final version.”

In terms of what the expansion itself has to offer, it’s all to do with an older race called The Ancients who have a bone or two to pick with the Operatives. You’ll be called upon to defend the Drox Operative Guild and the younger races of the universe (unless you’re feeling malicious and want to just let them die.) Feature-wise, this translates to the following:

  • Defend against ancient race invasions
  • Destroy or defend space stations (military and production)
  • Guide the evolution of persistent galaxies
  • Design components with socketable chips
  • Play as or against the new race, the Scavenger
  • Battle new Talon, Legion, and Overlord monsters
  • Solve new quests and equip new components

Drox Operative is also on Steam Greenlight, where you should vote for it because it’s excellent.

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