Pre-Order the New Train Sim World DLC for 40% Off – Northeast Corridor

The newest DLC for Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul will soon be here. It’s the Northeast COrridor New York pack.

This new DLC puts you in the driver (or even passenger) seat of two new trains: the Amtrack ACS-64 commuter and CSX GP38-2 freighter. The map is a virtual recreation of the Northeast Corridor, located in New York. You can choose to take on the roll as either a commuter or freighter conductor, navigating the various lines while trying to stick to the schedule. Or, you can kick-back-and-relax as a passenger, simply taking in all the well-detailed scenery.

You can pre-order this new DLC now for $17.99. That’s 40% off what the actual price will be when it releases on March 20: $29.99. If you’re a newcomer to Train Sim World, you can get both the game and this DLC for $42.32 right now (also a 40% off). The price will increase to $69.98 on March 20.

Check out the Steam page for the Northeast Corridor DLC for more info. 

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